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History with photos

2010th -

In next litter by N Ch Rudängens Cameron has among others Cronys Moonlight Music got a good showcareer with BIS-puppy winning. Cronys Morning Music has won in juniorclass.
With a close cooperation and good contacts we welcomed from Italy 2011 the tricolored young bitch Lux.Jun.Champion Ingledene La Paloma Nera di Cambiano, "Loma".
Before she lost her coat she won in youthcl. "Loma" got cc and CACIB when she was in coat again.
"Loma" gave us unfortunately never any offsprings. After a break from shows she came back as a veteran very properly!
She won in Denmark at a double colliespecial veteran cc, cc and BOS, and veteran cc at the other show.
I Sweden during spring-18 she won Nordic cc, cc, CACIB and BOS and each time with extremely fine critiques.
At the age of 10 years she is still on top.
CC-winning Cronys Magic In The Mist was mated to Int N Dk UCh NV-10 NORDV-10 WW-10 Shep's Gonzales Que Guapo.
There were 4 blue bitches and Cronys Shimmering Diamond was staying. "Bella" started her showcareer by winning junior class,
became Best Bitch, got cc, BOB and BIS-3 at Ölands BK for the breedspecialist Tomas Rohlin only 9 months old.

In cooperation with Mrs M T Garabelli, kennel Cambiano, and Miss Bianca Rocco we wellcomed Int It DK Ch SEW-13 KBHW-14 James Bond di Cambiano from Italy.
He stayed for 1,5 year and won both his International and Danish Championtitles during the time in Sweden and
Winnertitles in Sweden-13 and Copenhagen-14. He was "Top collie" 2012 in Italy.
Unfortunately we did not get any offsprings but a very promising litter was born in Finland and one in Sweden.
From kennel Spotty Dotīs we bought a daughter by James, Spotty Dotīs The world is Not Enough, "Sally".
She started her showcareer by winning, only 4 months old, BIS-puppy and then even Supreme-BIS.
As adult Spotty Dots The World Is Not Enough, "Sally", won och Best bitch 2 at Roskilde Int in Denmark, and then cc in Sweden.

During 2016 we got once again in cooperation with M T Garabelli and G Falletto Italy, the opportunity to welcome a fantastic blue merle male

Int It Dk UK Ch One Extraordinary Blu Di Cambiano, "Piaf",

(Multi Ch Steadwyn Blue Legend and Multi Ch Hit Parade Blu Di Cambiano) with an absolutely stunning blue merle colour and now with an extremely qualification list already at 4 years of age.
World Club junior winner-15, BIS at collieclub show in Germany and Italy, Croatian, Luxemburg, Slovenian Junior Champion,
Junior Amsterdamwinner And more before two years of age. During his stay with us he gained his International and Dk title and won more BIG and BIG-places and
BIS national all breed CC-show in Finland for the well known judge and colliespecialist Rainer Vourinen and BIS-3 at DKK Int. show.
Later on he won 11 CC:s in England and even BIG 1 and got his english Ch-title. He is now leader for Top collie-18.
Piaf was used to more bitches in Scandinavia and first was Malin Jansson, kennel Sunwind with the bitch Sunwinds Love Song.

The destiny intended that we should buy a tricoloured male and his nickname was predestinated and so it became.
The feeling for the tricoloured Sunwinds Painted Fantasy, "Tony", was special as he was in the first litter by Piaf in Sweden.
After a splendid showcareer as a puppy, unbeaten and with BIS-places, he won, 9 months and one week old, at colliedouble in Dk club-CC x 2, CC x 2 and Best male 2 resp. BOS for A little more than a year breedspecialist.
A little more than a year Tony won from juniorclass a Nordic CC and CC, BIR and then BIS-3 junior and BIG! He dropped the coat just afterwards but gained one more CC!
From this litter there are many winners eg. one of Finlands topwinnars 2018 Sunwinds Perfectly Blu!
With different bitches Piaf got winning offsprings in Sweden eg. Moonstars Heartbeat Magia Blu, own. M Olsson,
and the tricoloured male Runnerways Principe Reale, own. S Karlsson kennel Runnerways, who has won many CC:s, BOS and BOB.
In Finland the kennels Marcols and Serasecret got several winning offsprings with many CC:s.
In Denmark has a young male Sheps Questo Gioiello Nero,own. K Johndal, got a CC.

Many fine offsprings are spred over countries in Europa where they have won all over the kontinent.
Piaf has really deserved his name "Extraordinary" and become a living legend as his ancient father Multi Ch Incredibly Blu Di Cambiano (look at 80th-)

We got the possibility to lease a tricoloured bitch as we donīt get an own, Cronys Highland Rose.
She was mated to Piaf and many different offsprings has been in BOG and BIS finales from puppyclass and are now on there way into juniorclass where the first was Cronys Fiore Nera who got CC-quality.
The blue male Cronys Sogno in Blu was saved and is growing at home.
Cronys Shimmering Diamond gave us unfortunately no offsprings so we had to lease one more bitch as we donīt get a blue merle at right age
Littersister Cronys Shimmering Ice was mated to Int Ch Runnerways I'm Sitting Bull and nine puppies were born.
A blue bitch, Cronys Ice Diamond, was saved for the future.

Thank you all puppy buyers for Your help to take care of Your collies.

Owner:Eva Eriksson
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