Kennel Crony  rough collie

History and photogallery

Successful offspring in three different combinations had Int N Ch Rennet of Rokeby :
The export Cronys Gold Token, BIS at international shampionship show, N Ch Cronys Golden Tempter , Int N Ch Cronys Touch of Gold,
BIG - winner Cronys Easter Symbol, Cronys Easter Sherry, 3 cc:s, Cronys Easter Sari, successful in Finland,
Cronys Easter Sonnet, 2 cc:s, CACIB ( mother of L - tested Korad Cronys Victoria Gold 3 cc:s, CACIB ),
Int N Ch NordV-79 Cronys Night Opal, Best in Show SBK 10 years old .....
and legendary Int N Ch NordV-82 Cronys Anniversary Maid .
"Opal" och "Maid" two bitches - for us a picture of the standard.

Thru the years many have won cc:s and CACIB:s and became champions. Some have competed in obedience, others in working where
S N Ch LP Ch Cronys Rose Lustre has done very well and competed in elite class.
The most important of everything, most have done their owners happy with a long and healthy life and fit in well to the activities these have chosen.

The dogs Int N Ch NV-78 Danvis Blue Peter, Int N Ch Royalist of Rokeby, BIS SBK (most winning in Working Group -71)
Int N Ch Rokeby Range Finder and full cc:s Sundorne Midnight Flyer of Johrenda (father to more tested than anyone else)
has put their marks in ours as well as in others breeding.
The bitch Int N Ch Rokeby Rising Fashion, gave us among others, Int Ch Cronys Night Renewal, successful in the north, and the daughter
Cronys Wendy in Gold, many cc:s, BIS SBK.
Carramar Silver Tweed gave us with Int N Ch Nite Promise of Rokeby our outstanding bitch Int N Ch Cronys Vanity Blue
( the brother Korad Cronys Blue Viking , among other wins BIS SCK )
from where we got BIG-winnig Cronys Blue Sky (mother of Int.Ch. Merrymaids Blue of Blues, ow. kennel Steadlyn)
full cc:s CACIB-winner Cronys Shimmering Blue, mother to 3 cc-winner Cronys Indigo in Blue and Int N Ch Cronys Irresistible in Blue

From "Vanity" we also got CACIB - winning Cronys Dawn in Blue,
who with Int Ch Cronys Midnight Tartan got CACIB - winning Cronys Sign in Blue

Tartan was an outstanding stud dog because he could be used for many different bitches.
A very successful daughter was Cronys Shaded Maid who e.g. won 3 cc:s, CACIB and BIG SKK.

Shaded Maid became a mother of Cronys Shades of Golden Light, 3 cc:s, CACIB, 3 r-CACIB and BIS-3 SBK
and Cronys Shades of Gold, 3 cc:s
( both ex Perrymoss Midnight Patrician who also had a successful son in Cronys Defender in Gold, 3 cc:s ).
Corydon Gold Lariot mated Shaded Maid and we got CACIB-winning Cronys Dreams of Night
and with Cronys Shades of Gold Cronys Shades of Ginger , many cc-qualities.

By Midnight Tartan and out of Vanity we got Int N Ch Cronys Gentleman in Blue
and cc-, CACIB- and BIG-2 winning bitch Cronys Gift in Blue who is the mother of
Cronys Majestic in Blue,cc , Int N Ch Cronys Major in Blue,cc, BIG-4 SKK and Int N Ch Cronys Melody in Blue e.g. 3 cc:s, CACIB,
BIS-veteran ( and herself became a mother to many cc/CACIB winners ) and ....


Owner:Eva Eriksson
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