Kennel Crony  rough collie

History and photogallery


Cronys Remarkable Blue became a mother to another very successful and important stud dog Cronys Midnight Caller,
3 cc:s, BIS-2 SBK and BIS- SCK at 3 championshipshows !
"Caller" was the father of Clarys Bluish Blizzard, e.g. 10 cc:s, 3 CACIB and Clarys Bluish Blitz, cc-quality,
both by S N Ch Korad Cronys Unreachable Silver by Blu.
With Cronys Burnished Gold, he got many great winners e.g. Cronys Runic Gold, 8 cc-quality, 3 cc:s, BOB, BOS,
Cronys Ravishing Gold, 3 cc:s, r-CACIB
and one of the greatest winners

N Dk Ch SV-98 NORDV-99 SV-00, -01, -02 Cronys Gold Dreamer,
"Collie of the year -98" ,42 cc-quality, 7 cc:s, 14 CACIB, 2 r-CACIB, 7 BOS, 24 BOB, BIS SCK, BIS plac. SBK, BIG SKK, BIS plac. SKK

1991 got kennel CRONY an honorable 12th place as "Breeder of the year" SKK which also ment a 1st place within Working Dog Group.

1993 was the kennel awarded with The most distinguished mark of honor that a breeder can get from SKK:

The import and the grandchild of the well known Int It GB Ch Incredibly Blu di Cambiano,
Rantara Midnite Rhapsody, 3 cc:s, 2 CACIB, BIG SKK became a mother of Cronys Soft Spoken Blue,
BIS SBK/SSPK, CACIB, BIG-4, who with Marcolls Master Mind got Cronys Midnight Sun, cc and
Cronys Midnight Spell, 3 cc:s, 2 BOB, BIG-3. Midnight Spell became the father of Cronys Model of Gold, 3 cc:s, BIS-2 SBK

1995 it became possible to from kennel Cambiano, Italy, lent another great winner and stud dog
Int It Ch Cambiano Blu di Cambiano called "Boy Blu" who at 4 shows won 2 BIG, BIS-3, BIG-3 BIG-3 SKK.
He could as we thought stand as a model for the colliestandard.

Together with Rhapsody he got Cronys Italian Storyprinter, Cronys Italian Storyteller, cc-quality and
Korad Int Nord Ch Cronys Italian Storymaker who is one of the highest meritated collies in the country and more.


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