Welcome to kennel CRONY

Founded 1958 by Ulla Eriksson
Rough collie since 1958
Awarded with The HAMILTON-plaquette, The Swedish Kennel Clubs most distinguished mark of honour

Shetland sheepdog since 1968

Owner: Eva Eriksson
International Championship Show judge for several breeds
"sh-grupp" "collie-grupp"
Fr.left: Int Nord Ch Penrave Piccadillo, Snabswood Spitting Image, 2 cc:s
Cronys Velvet Dress, 1 cc, Int S FIN Ch Cronys Ring of Roses,
Int Nord Ch SV-98 Cronys Printed Dawn
Fr.left.: Int Nord Ch Korad Cronys Italian Storymaker,
DKCh SV-08 Lundecock's Impossible Dream, Newark Sound of Music 3 cert CACIB BIS SBK,
Cronys Saggezza D'Oro 2 ck, Cronys Splendido D'Oro 2 cert 2 BIR BIS-2 SBK,
Bolla di Sapone Nera di Cambiano 3 cert 4 r-CACIB BIR, Cronys Magic in the Mist 2 cert 2 BIM
Börje Eriksson
Ändtorpsvägen 3
S-61190 Ålberga
Tel.+ fax: +46 (0)155 72127, 070 8721270
e-mail: erikssonalberga@gmail.com

Eva Eriksson
Åtorpsvägen 7
S-61190 Ålberga
Tel.: +46 (0)70 3337654
e-mail: evaerikssonalberga@hotmail.com