Kennel Crony  History

Kennel Crony was established 1958 with rough collies.
My parents realized that I need a smaller dog and the choice was quite natural a sheltie.
Mom wrote to the owner of the male dog who had produced most winners in England at that time
and explained that the dog needs to have a good temperament because she would be a "childcompany" but of course even beautiful!
While we were waiting for the right dog Ulla made a visit to England and especially the sisters Rodgers at Riverhill made a big impression.
They discussed the standard and she got the opportunity to se all at that time living and famous Riverhill dogs!
Even the Shelert kennel dogs left a great impression, especially at 15hr when it was "time for tea" and "all old ones" came and was sitting around them!
The friendship with all these ladies was going on for the whole life and there where many interesting discussions that Ulla shared with me as I was still rather young .
Also the dogs at kennel Monkswood were impressing in type at the visit.
Through the years we made many visits to shows and kennels in Brittain.


The first sheltie we bought was Tumblebays Bewitching who became Int Nord Ch and was by Wellswood Wizard out of Riverhill Rather Smart.
She was called Jane and was an incomparable company for a child with a stunning temperament where I was a youngster, maybe 10 years, went through a character test.
Jane jumped up into the rattling and thought the life was great while the judges just lost their faces and said that they had never seen a sheltie like this one!
Jane was not just very good in the temperament but won her titles quickly at shows in the Scandinavien countries.
I remember when the well known judge Ms Ulla Segerström pointed at the first place at the same time as we entered the ring.
I felt a little sorry for the others who had to compete about the second place.
We had now several collies and the sheltiebreeding was on the way and it was time to find a larger house.
We moved to Ålberga, a small village in the south part of Södermanland and the house is located in the forrest at the end of the lane just outside the village.
It is a hilly terrain and we fenced an area for about 10 000 square meters so that the dogs would be happy and besides walking also get their exercise.
We had no neigbours and that was nice!
We realized after many questions even from other breeders that she ought to have puppies. Her qualities were well worth to take care of.
The choice was a Danish male Int Dk Ch Gay Monarch of Glenmist (imp and son to GB Ch Riverhill Raider) and the 29th of september 1968
was the first sheltielitter born at Crony.
We kept the bitch Int Nord Ch Cronys Golden Seascape. Jane showed to be even an incredibly good bitch for breeding and passed on her construction by heredity.
She passed on her good temperament and her anatomy and many winners came from her in different combinations.


In next litter we got the Sv Fin Championsisters Cronys Autumn Fairy. and Fancy out of GB S Ch Riverhill Rapparee. Fairy was even BIS at a national SSD show.
From Fairy we got Cronys Princess Doll who became mother of S Fin Ch Cronys Rich Reward 1974.
Now it was time to buy a male that fit in to our line and we were lucky to buy Tumblebays Troubadour who became Int Nord Champion.
Even he came from the wellknown Riverhill lines.
From Troubadour mated to Bewitching we got among others S Fin Ch Cronys Sweet Catherine (u Cronys Princess Doll).
Catherine got her fathers shaded nose that he often passed on!
He was also father of S Ch Cronys Wispering Wind and Cronys Wisp of Sun born 1979 (u Ch Cronys Rich Reward).
Troubadour could laugh in a special way. He pulled up his nose and twisted it. That trick he also gave to many of his children!
He lived a long and happy life until he was 13 years.
In Janes last litter with Nord Ch Stormaine Summer Boy there was born a cc-winner, the Norwegian export Cronys Winter Pearl.
Jane had a long life and became special for me as the first own dog.
She became 16 years and she slept well with me in my bed even together with one or two collies and in her chair through the years.
How I got a place I am still wondering about but slept we did!
As so many other children I played a lot with the dogs, arranged jumping competitions and walkings for my friends. The dogs appreciated it as well!
The grief was huge when she passed away that summer.
We started to search for a new male in the middle of the -70th.
When our friend the very well known colliebreeder Mr Tom Purvis, Danvis kennel, said that he had found a "good" sheltie we didn´t thought so much any longer.
Even our best friend Mrs Betty Eglin, who owned the world famous Rokeby colliekennel, told us that she had seen a sheltie
with the same expression as her own well known Ramsey, who was a unique dog.
Mr Purvis was not for many words and if he said that someone was "good" then you bought! That was his "biggest" word. We were a little nervous while we were waiting.
Unseen he came to us, that wonderful gold sable coloured Int Nord Champion Allanvail Gold Express, Max, who during the years made a big impact to our breeding in Sweden.
He became Int Nord Champion and he had beyond his very good anatomy a specific expression that he passed on to his children.


By Max we kept Int Nord Ch Cronys Copper Mint (u Autumn Fairy),who became my mothers little spoild favourite!
She was always standing on the frontseat on the road to the forrest, never among the others in the back of the car.
By Max we also got S Fin Ch Cronys Rich Reward.
Reward was mated to Troubadour and became a mother of Cronys Wisp of Sun who was mated back with Max and became a mother of
Cronys Fountain of Sun and for her next litter Wisp of Sun was mated to our new Ch Snabswood Sharpshooter and from that combination we got
Int Dt VDH-Ch S Ch Bundessieger-86 Int Ch Cronys Talisman of Sun,, owner G Bodenberger i Tyskland.
At a show in Sweden someone said that he looks like a typical Crony sheltie! We were happy to hear that.
Cronys Fountain of Sun was mated to the wonderful male Int Nord Ch Nord V-81 Ingelside Copper Image and she became mother of many good children
where above all "Sheltie of the year -88" Int S N Ch Cronys Copper Print, born 1986, was at the top in the rings for many years.
Beautiful Copper Image was one of a kind and one of the stud dogs that printed his offsprings most in type and general appearance, Copper Print not excepted.
Some of the most wellknown children by Copper Print was Ch Starbelle Simply Splendid, owner M Lund and SE Ch Whalsay Canasta owner M Sjölund.


During a visit to kennel Milesend, Mrs J Miles, I found after a long search a 3.5 months sable puppy bitch Milesend Smart Move
(e Milesend Trivial Persuit u GB Ch Milesend Smart Enough) that I after pressingly nagging was aloud to buy!
At last we have found what we were looking for, a well constructed bitch with good movements, temperament and a very nice expression.
Smart Move "Hazel" became easily a champion and was a very nice bitch in all the ways and with superb temperament.
Hazel was mated to Copper Print and it turned out to be a very good combination.
She became a mother of Int Nord Ch SV-98 Cronys Printed Dawn and later the full sister Cronys Printed Gold,.
These two bitches became two separate breeding lines in the kennel.
At this time, 1997, we bought the shaded sabel male Int Nord CH Penrave Piccadillo.
Penrave Piccadillo, who easily became Int Nord Ch., Simon at weekdays, mated Printed Dawn and many topwinners were born.
We saw Europasieger 2004 Westfalensieger 2005 VDH Int DK FIN Ch Cronys Dawn's Dynasty, Cronys Dawn's Delight, several cc-q, r-CACIB,
finnish owned Fin Ch Cronys Gold Tweed and littersister
Cronys Gold Touch that stayed with us for a long and healthy life. She became 15 years.
Piccadillo mated Printed Gold and Cronys Velvet Gold was born, who became mother of Cronys Velvet Dress.
Dress who, unfortunately when she was young, broke a frontleg in an accident, was showed rarely despite a not good looking frontleg but won a cc, BOS and cc-q several times.


Velvet Dress was mated to our import cc-winning Snabswood Spitting Image and Cronys Dressed For Sunrise was born.
Sunrise won cc and BOS only 9 months old at an SSSK special.
She was mated to the well known Ch Edglonian Strolling Nomad of Lochkaren and we got Cronys Chili Dressed, that we kept on breeding terms with M&T Linder.
and S Dk Ch Cronys Solitaire, owner M Andersson-Thorén.
Chili Dressed was mated to Nord Ch Tachnamadra The Designer and Cronys Designed Dress also her on breeding terms with M&T Linder.
From Printed Dawn came the topwinning siblings Int S Fin Ch Cronys Ring of Roses, and Int Nord Fin Ch NordV-00, SV-01 Cronys Red Rumour,, owner B Westh,
both by Int Nord Ch Marnham Montanner. From Ring Of Roses came the siblings Cronys Starmaker, and r-cc winning Cronys Stardust cc-q.
Stardust was mated to S Ch Lundecocks Silent Witness and we kept Cronys Gold Dust,, cc-q as junior.

Ulla passed away after a time of illness 2007. I decided together with my dad Börje to continue but in a smaller scale.


At the end of 2010 I went to England to buy a male from Mrs Miles at kennel Milesend.
I wanted to buy a special dog that had sired very good offsprings but he was not for sale, despite many requests... so a son would be of great interest.
I went to look at two males she had and the choice was Milesend Gold Award, Eric.
BUT in my mind I also had a wonderful young girl Milesend Pearly Queen who stole my heart.
To buy two was actually not a thought, just imagine how difficult it could be! The brain said one thing, the heart said another.
It ended up with both! Both has been winnig several cc:s and CACIB.
When Pearly whas mated to Int Ch Limbunya Orion she got Cronys Pearls'n Gold, (owner Kangasvoukon kennel, Finland),
who already has got 4 cc:s and BOS in juniorclass in different countries
and Cronys Pearls'n Roses, owner A Bergdahl, Anchilliques kennel, who just have started the showcarrier with cc-q and r-cc.
With Ch Tachnamadra The Designer she got the brothers Cronys Pearls'n Design och Pearls'n Collar and the future may show their qualities.
Gold Dust was mated to our Gold Award and we kept Cronys Gold Spice for the future.

My ambition is, with the standard in front of my eyes, to breed shelties with the wright type and a beautiful expression, excellent anatomy and good movements.
In our kennel we have mainly bred sable coloured shelties, only a few tri had come in some litters.
The sheltie is a beautiful, intelligent and rough dog with a magnificent temperament.
Most puppy buyers want a dog as a family member, but many have showed their dogs with very good result.
Some are doing agility and rallyobediance and there has Gunwor Linderyd with her RldN RldF RldA RldM Cronys Pearls'n Dress, Dessie (e Milesend Gold Award u Cronys Chili Dressed)
been especially succesfull and also been approved for tracking wild animals.
It is always very nice when puppy buyers come back for both a second or a third time to buy a new puppy.

So a huge thank you to all our owners with your dogs!

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eller : erikssonalberga @
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